Profile of the management systems and their operation coordinated with the actual behavior of the Airbus A320 aircraft with typical loads. The proposed profile makes the aircraft more manageable to influence, operational, and engine real thrust.


Acf profile for version 2.7

Last update date: 29.12.2016
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Acf profile and addons for version 3, X-Plane 11

Last update date: 28.04.2017
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Russiam OSM


Autogen all Russia.

Last update date: 06.02.2017
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Ан-2, Red yes


Адаптация Ан-2 для X-Plane 11.

Last update date: 10.11.2017
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Modification of SMS DHC-2 "Beaver"


Attention: this kit for X-Plane v. 11 ONLY.

Initially, the Livery was created for AEROFLOT in the Yak-12 style. However, there was a chance to fix the same appearance for other aircraft liveries
Changes: Corrects the external model and cockpit  appearance in X-Plane v. 11. The rivet map and panels are re-drawn. The normal files are created again. Fixed 3D model files, in part reflections / gloss / polishing of aircraft materials.
Distributed with the permission of the author of the model for free. The modification author is not responsible for any damage caused by this modification.

1. Create an insurance copy of the installed version of SMS DHC-2 "Beaver" for X-Plane by SoulMadeSim.
2. Unzip the archive files with 7ZIP and copy it to the folder with the installed SMS DHC-2 "Beaver" with the replacement of files.
3. In the livery folders of Aeroflot L5270 (L5271), the texture files of the working screws are attached. To activate, save the existing files, and then replace the applications.

Good luck in flying!



Last update date: 08.12.2017
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We began to be interested in aircraft construction :-) Here is our first step in to the direction - IL-96!

The author of the Ramzess aircraft, and the Russification of the cabin is taken from avsim - the authors of ivan00559 and albatros_41. We added some gloss to the cockpit, changed the textures and remade the FMC. The work continues, the beginning has been made!


Last update date: 05.01.2018
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Airport Navigation Database for our sceneries


Thanks to Denis Gikalo, a single radio navigation base of our ports has finally appeared!

Have a nice flight!

Custom Navigation Database

Last update date: 17.09.2019
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ATTENTION! If you already have your user_nav.dat in the X-Plane 11 \ Custom Data folder, do not change your file to this one, just copy the data you need from this file into your own, opening it with a notepad (notepad.) NotePad not use it. If not, put the file in X-Plane 11 \ Custom Data. The user_nav.dat file in the X-Plane 11 \ Custom Data folder is all you need to have navigational aids. But there are rare cases when your port is not the default in the X-plane. In this case, read the instructions below.


Adding a port to the X-plane 11 database. (Using URRP as an example)

1) how to find out if there is a port in the X-plane 11 database and when you need to add it:

If you have data on ILS URRP in user_nav.dat, but when loading in the port when you press M (open the map) there is not a single ILS - you need to add it. The card must be in the IFR mode Low enroute !!! We check ILS on the map, not on the airplane's instruments! Absence of ILS on devices is a separate topic.




2) open your downloaded and installed script in Custom Scenery and find the apt.dat file there.



3) open it with a notepad (IMPORTANT-an ordinary notepad! Notepad not use!) And copy two (three) lines (line 1302 flatten 1 is not interesting to us, but since it is then we copy it):

in fact only two lines are needed - those that start with 1 and 100.




4) look for the default apt.dat, which by default in the X-plane 11 is located at: X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ default scenery \ default apt dat \ Earth nav data


5) open it with a notepad (IMPORTANT-an ordinary notepad! Notepad not use!) And paste directly to the beginning of the file what we copied before.


6) close with saving, load into URRP and enjoy the result





Precise visits and soft landings!

P.S. Your added data in the default apt.dat will be deleted when the X-plane version is updated !!!








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